Buying a horse is a big commitment. It is a serious decision and one that takes a lot of consideration. Your time and money will both be highly impacted and you’ll need to consider if you have that available time on your hands before buying.

If the new horse you are buying is the first, ask if you have the time and energy. Keeping a horse and making sure its welfare is always in good stead is imperative. Such a commitment requires hard work, dedication, time, effort and money. It can be exhausting and new buyers of a horse may live to regret they made the choice.

But if you are certain that buying your first horse is something you can commit to, then why not consider your first option? That would be to select the type of horse you want. You will need to be absolutely sure about this as it will dramatically shorten the process of buying a new horse.

Buying an inexperienced horse will take a lot more time, effort and patience than one that has been trained. If you are looking for a horse that already knows the ropes, you might want to consider going for an older horse and forget about looking for anything under two years old.

Deal Breakers – Make a List

There are certain factors and lines you will not want to cross. These factors could be price, horse age, or build. It is best to make a list and stick to this rigidly. These are the principles you simply will not, or cannot, budge on.

Travel will be involved in many cases when you go looking for a horse. Be prepared for a lot of it and don’t get too disheartened when a long journey turns out to be a waste of time. There will be those times and you need to be prepared for that eventuality.

You should find out when buying a new horse if any medication or supplements are being taken. If the horse is on any, discover why and for how long he has been on it. Several new horses are sold with a tag line as “has potential” or “shows promise”. It is a selling point that simply means the horse is not up to standard yet. Prepare for a horse not to show its full potential or any at all.