Online horse racing games are as good as real; I’ll tell you why. Listen to this one.

As it was on May7th, 1977, a beautiful sunny morning leading everyone into the 103rd Kentucky Derby where an undefeated superstar would compete against a few fatally invincible contenders during his first home state run. This was Seattle Slew running for the Big Red but the jockey could most easily be you giving every other challenger a run for their money. Yes, online horse racing games allow you to relive historical races and tournaments from their abysmal database of possibilities ranging from the choice of tournament to even the great grand sires and dames!

The 103rd Derby was quite a myriad of mishaps for Seattle Slew, the champion, as he proceeded towards the gates. During his walk to the paddock the band suddenly starts to play the anthem that startled the beast into an anxious and uneasy prance. Metamorphosis into a humid noon, the day became warm making the colt sweat profusely and get upset. While the spectators and the race analysts doubted Slew’s chances and predicted his compromised state, jockey Jean Cruguet still believed he was the one.

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As Slew waited in the paddock saddled with a number 3 on his firm, flawless body a mob of spectators waiting in the stands attempted to pull on the colt’s tail and touch his body. Unpleasantly agitated, Slew lashed out at the gates with his hinds. The suspense didn’t end there. As the gates opened, Slew banged into the rival’s stands colliding with Get the Axe and almost unseating Cruguet. But after an unimaginable series of wrong starts at every single point, Slew barged with a winner’s spirit.

Slew realized the compromised state that he and his rider were in and the attempt to undo all that wrong was incredible. Finishing the first and the second miles at the fastest and the second fastest paces, this colt-jockey pair left everyone at the stands awestruck anticipating them to run out of gas towards the home run but what followed was an unbelievingly determined run for the win.

Running against Run Dusty Run and For the Moment, the two favourites for the Derby that year, the field Slew was competing against was full with some of the best players in the market. But amidst all the disarray, Slew was unstoppable as if he knew it were destiny. Slew finished 1?? length ahead of Run Dusty Run to eventually conquer the Big Red.

This is history, but the online horse racing games you will play will get even more unpredictable. Race simulations designed in 3D gaming technology make every race event as real as you’d want it to be. Online communities allow sharing feature updates and race statistics making the experience lifelike. And why not, you save on any horse injury what so ever and also some dough as they come absolutely free and easy to download. So wouldn’t it please you if the agitation faced by Slew was saved and a calmer start was offered instead?

And do you want to see if Run Dusty Run could have taken a different approach to go on and win the race even if it was by a nose? Then download your version and from the endless expanse of races and horses, choose the 1977 Derby and retake the challenge. Just that today the rival to Seattle will be a determined you all geared up to conquer what no one else could. Get ready.