The first thing you need for your horse is a house.

This may be a stable or a pen. If you do not have a place big enough at you where your horse can live, you may want to consider a pension or a place that rents land or stables for horses. You will need to keep their home clean by removing horse droppings daily for stables and weekly for grazing pastures. However, taking care of your horse is a big responsibility and your horse must be properly maintained to keep them healthy and happy. In fact, they are almost like people with their own personalities. Horses are one of the most exciting animal to own and they make excellent companions. To provide the appropriate level of care for your horse, you can imagine it as a child of about 4 years of age because it is about their level of mentality.

You will need to check the water you provide for your horse regularly during the day to ensure that there is enough and that the container has not been kicked off or that the horse drank it all.

There are also many daily responsibilities that you have as the owner of a horse. The first is feeding your horse. If you have it in a barn, you need to feed grain and chaff, and hay and ensure that the barn is comfortable by putting sawdust or hay for bedding. By becoming your horse’s friend, it will try harder to please you. Offer affection and tasty treats such as apples or sugar cubes to encourage it to think of you as its friend. The horses will also need to have regular exercise and lots of love and attention. Horses also need large amounts of fresh, clean drinking water.

Take time with your horse by giving him a good brushing before and after you have mounted it.

It is important not to forget to clean under the hooves of the horses with a hoof pick every day, and before and after you mount it to ensure it has not picked up a stone in his hoof as this will make it lame. You will also need to have his hooves trimmed by a farrier every 8 weeks to keep his hoofs ready and protected.

Your horse will need to be wormed regularly and like people, horses need to have regular checkups by a veterinarian, even if they are not sick, to ensure they are healthy and well. If you have concerns about your horse or if you are not sure what you can give him to eat or how often, your veterinarian will be able to help you and answer your questions.

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